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Thread: Update: Emily is fine! SMA symptoms gone!

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    Update: Emily is fine! SMA symptoms gone!

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know Emily started taking Darvocet only at night on Wed. and all of her SMA symptoms are over! I looked at the most common side effects of darvocet and she had everyone of them! Two and a half weeks after surgery and she read a bible verse in church yesterday for youth Sunday. She also went to a birthday party and sang Happy Birthday to the Bday girl! She is feeling so much better! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Her appetite has also returned and she is wearing regular clothes! She still gets tired really easy, but she is back to her old onry self. Fighting with her little sister, ect. Now I'm ready to enjoy my summer break from work!

    Mom to Emily 51T and 42L
    Fused T2 to T11
    Hoping bottom curve corrects itself!

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    I'm glad to hear she is doing so much better.
    Mom to DD (15) with S 48*+ curve
    Had her surgery March 9, 2009

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