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Thread: Back Pains

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    My mom said I'm not allowed to tell people where I live.

    Back Pains

    Hi! Haley here. I just got a Boston brace on Friday, June 5th. My back has been hurting consistently. Is this normal? Any time I sit or lay down, it feels like I have a huge bruise and I'm putting pressure on it.
    Any tips to make this stop?



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    well.. there rly is nothingg youu can do bout that.. youu will eventually get used to it.. i kno it sux.. i kno how youu feel..

    Age: 18
    Hi, my name is Valerie, but you can call me Val or V.
    I wore a Boston Brace from 2007-2010
    My curves were 30 and 31
    I now have only a single curve which stands at 35 degrees.
    I owe all of my blessings to The Lord!
    I am very thankful with where my spine is at right now.
    I want to meet some new people on this forum!
    Don't be shy...
    Feel free to message me if you would like to chat!

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    sorrry hun

    I had a lot of pain when I was first in my brace too. Just take some ibuprofen
    It's okay; it will get better. i feel your pain- we all do

    good luck

    Stephanie. Fifteen.
    Boston Braced Since March 26, 2009.
    2 thoracic curves: 28 and 22 degrees.
    1 lower lumbar curve: 14 degrees.

    One leg is longer than the other; pelvic tilt.
    Curves are reversing in my brace!
    Mother and sister with mild scoliosis,
    and treatment was not required.

    "I am uneven.
    2 Halves.
    1 body.
    A curve.
    So what?
    They lie.
    My spine.
    Do not.
    Match up.
    And outside.
    I am uneven."

    written by me. on May 7, 2008.

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    Tell your brace person next time you go back, maybe it needs some adjusting.
    From what i heard Bsoton braces hurt and are uncomfortable!

    Have you looked into other braces? There is a soft boston (hard on the outside, and ahs a soft liner in the inside)
    and the newer braces TriaC (from the same company as hard Boston braces)
    and Spinecor.
    Good Luck

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    My mom said I'm not allowed to tell people where I live.
    Thanks everyone for the advice!
    My curves have improved a lot!
    I've had my brace almost a year now, and it's almost closed
    I'm Haley.
    I have been dancing for 10 years.
    I have taken gymnastics for 1 year.
    I was diagnosed with scoliosis December 19, 2008.
    I have had a boston brace for a little more
    than a month.
    I have no idea what my curves are. I will ask my mom later.

    I hope my brace works or else I will
    be really sad!!!!!

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