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    Unhappy Yikes

    hey yall its cheergrl and i need advice baecause of my brace i have a huge heat rash on my body and for all you braced ones out there is this normal cause im not sure so can i please have advise

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    Hmmmm. Never had that before... Maybe you could try some baby powder?? Maybe you could change your shirt often throughout the day to keep your skin dry? Hope it gets better!! - Titough
    Diagnosed in '06'
    Wore TLSO brace for 18 mo.
    Upper curve 40 degrees; lower 35 degrees
    Surgery in March '08' (T6 - T11)
    Rods for 7 vertabraes; 3 fused
    Still have lumbar curve (T12 - L4) of now, 33 degrees
    I have osteoarthritis, 3 bulging discs, stenosis, fast progressing lordosis, vertebrea twisting (vertebreas almost on side) all in lumbar spine. Will most likely have another surgery to extend rods and fusion. :'(

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    Hey. It's Michele again. That heat rash will go away soon. It is pretty common to have a heat rash because your brace is so tight and you sweat under it. Ask your mom to treat it with some type of cream or ointment.



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    When my daughter was in the Boston Brace, she got a rash on her stomach even though she always wore a shirt under the brace. We treated it with cortizone cream and it went away. It is caused by the heat and the sweat and is normal.

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    My mom said I'm not allowed to tell people where I live.


    Hey cheergrl. That heat rash is completely normal. Because the brace is so tight, you will sweat a lot and that can cause a heat rash. I just got my brace on Friday, June 5th. I haven't gotten a heat rash yet, but boy is it hot under that brace! Ask your mom to treat it with some type of cream.



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