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Thread: clothes w/brace...

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    Unhappy clothes w/brace...

    i have had my brace for 2 weeks now and i cant seem to find good clothes that don't show it. i REALLY need some advice. thank you!!!

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    hey. there have been a lot of discussions about this.
    i know it's frustrating, but it's ok. we all go through fashion troubles.
    my advice is always wear a blank white cami OVER your brace.
    that will keep it looking smooth from the outside and straps won't show
    through as much. Um, baby-doll tops work really well, hoodies, layers.
    Wear like a cute t-shirt or something then a short sleeved sweater, or
    cropped jacket.
    i was in the store forever 21 and i saw a lot of stuff that would work well
    with my brace (only i didn't have much money on me lol). Just shop around,
    and good luck! (:

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    1 lower lumbar curve: 14 degrees.

    One leg is longer than the other; pelvic tilt.
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    and treatment was not required.

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    A curve.
    So what?
    They lie.
    My spine.
    Do not.
    Match up.
    And outside.
    I am uneven."

    written by me. on May 7, 2008.

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    My friend told me to go to JCPenney's and go to the PLUS sizes and try on clothes there. The best articles of clothing or baby-doll tops and stretchy-ish pants.



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    When my daughter was in the Boston Brace she wore a lot of baby doll tops a size larger than normal and gaucho pants or skirts with elastic waist bands.

    Now that she is in the Spinecor brace, she wears jeans and polo shirts.

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    My daughter is a big fan of skinny jeans. Her brace pushes her jeans down and since we got her brace all she is wearing are pajamas. How do you all wear your jeans? Over or under the brace?
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    I wore a Milwaukee brace when I was 13 and big T-shirts (thankfully!) were in, as they still are (?), and is what I wore a lot of with my brace. It didn't stick to it and was just more comfortable. Then, when I had to dress up, I wore lots of jackets (blazer jackets)....
    hope this helps. I know you are uncomfortable, but it really is a must to do the brace thing!

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    My mom said I'm not allowed to tell people where I live.


    Hi. I also have trouble with finding clothes that will fit over my brace. Taking Michele27's advice, I would go to JCpenney's to try on plus size clothes. Right now, I have a few pairs of shorts and LOTS of baby-doll tops I wear over my brace. I'm going to go shopping tomorrow to find clothes that will fit over my brace.



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    clothes for brace

    okay it actually depends on the brace you have and how high you wear it!!
    my brace is a boston brace. i find it useful to use layers. i wear a cami under a hollister shirt and no one can tell. i also bought a lot of sweat shirts and short sleve sweat shrits they hide the straps in the back for me. also for pant you need a bigger size and also you may have to pull them up higher then you are used to. good luck!! also if you wear t shirts tied them in the back and it makes the brace unnotticeable with out you looking baggy!!
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    Wink What i wear

    well here is what i wear with mine:

    *Mostly cute sweatpants with elastic waste

    *i have one good pair of rly cute khaki pants

    *i wear loose shirts, one or two sizes bigger than what i wear without brace

    *then if i want something cute, and not so baggy, then what i do is i wear a tight shirt with short sleeves, and a matching button up shirt over it, but unbuttoned, tht way only the front of the tight shirt is showing, and you can't tell tht i have the brace on

    oh, and we wear our jeans over our brace, to the mom who asked about that(: hope this helps!!

    Age: 18
    Hi, my name is Valerie, but you can call me Val or V.
    I wore a Boston Brace from 2007-2010
    My curves were 30 and 31
    I now have only a single curve which stands at 35 degrees.
    I owe all of my blessings to The Lord!
    I am very thankful with where my spine is at right now.
    I want to meet some new people on this forum!
    Don't be shy...
    Feel free to message me if you would like to chat!

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    I've taught my daughter not to hung up on "what size am I" first of all, we buy what fits the brace. When trying pants on, I have her bend because I have found with stretchy pants or sweats they get caught under the brace. She will sometimes wear two t-shirts the bottom one long and the top one she ties a 'ponytail' in the back. I always go with her when she tries clothes on and look at the back and the front to make sure the shirts are not too tight, revealing the brace. Most of the time, people can't tell. The last time we went to the MD, he even asked because he couldn't tell.
    Mom to Beth, 12 years old. On diagnosis: T-32, S-28; T-23 with boston brace. Initially, Beth was diagnosed with a grade 2 spondylethesis. Now--spondylethesis is repaired; she rehabbing it. God has her in His hands. And, she's a GREAT kid.

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    Great Season For Brace Clothes!

    My daughter is wearing the boston brace. I have to tell you we have had great luck finding clothes that cover the brace and actually look great!! We were in JCPenney the other day and went to the junior department -- the styles for this fall are very a-line. we got lots of things that were great. We also went to nordstrom and they have a ton of t-shirts in the junior department (they call it brass plum dept) that were fantastic.

    Here are some good ones -- we actually bought some of these...
    these are great, we bought several colors:
    this is her favorite and it's on sale now for only $13.90!
    vests that are big this season like this one (only $14.99):|50458

    So you see, with a little creativity, you CAN make the best of this. I hope this helps!

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    Those are really cute clothes! I also saw lots of tops like these on the college campus this weekend....very attractive!

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    Some Pics of My Daughter Stylin' In Her Brace

    Attached are some pics of my daughter in her Boston brace. You can hardly tell she is wearing it! The styles for this fall are fantastic for brace wearers!

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    Red face

    Has anyone worn their brace over their bottoms and under their tops? My daughter natalie who is 11 has been wearing her regular low rise jeans with a tank tucked in and then her brace over that and then another tank and whatever top she's wearing that day over her brace. So far as long as the jeans dont have buttons on the back pocket, she said it's fine. She hasnt worn her brace to school yet but i think this week sometime we will start. Also to sleep in...she has this silk nightgown with kittens all over it that she wears under her brace and that works well.

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    When my daughter was wearing the Boston Brace, she sometimes wore it over her jeans, with a long shirt.

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