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Thread: Im 14, in a Providence Brace

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    Im 14, in a Providence Brace

    Im pretty new on this website, so are there any teens out there (like 14ish) that have minor curves? I feel bad complaining about a 20 degree curve. I am wearing a providence brace, which isnt fun at all! but could be so much worse!! Hope to talk to you soon!!

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    Don't feel bad about a 20 degree curve! That's great! (well that's not great, but it's relatively small)

    My biggest curve is 8* higher than yours.

    I'm fifteen, and I also wear a brace, but mine is a Boston. You're so lucky you don't have to wear yours during the day! Though I've really gotten used to my 21-hour-a-day wearing schedule.

    Anyway, you should check out SpineKids. It's like this forum, only it has a lot more kids and teens.

    Good luck with your scoli

    - Steph

    Stephanie. Fifteen.
    Boston Braced Since March 26, 2009.
    2 thoracic curves: 28 and 22 degrees.
    1 lower lumbar curve: 14 degrees.

    One leg is longer than the other; pelvic tilt.
    Curves are reversing in my brace!
    Mother and sister with mild scoliosis,
    and treatment was not required.

    "I am uneven.
    2 Halves.
    1 body.
    A curve.
    So what?
    They lie.
    My spine.
    Do not.
    Match up.
    And outside.
    I am uneven."

    written by me. on May 7, 2008.

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    I'm in the same situation only I'm just about to get my brace. I have like a 27* or so curve. I have had the idea of a brace hanging over my head for quite some time now. I once had a doctor take a bad xray and he didn't want to re-check it so for 6 months of waiting and crying, I had to go in for my appointment. Thankfully I didn't need one. But I had done so much research and wondering that this time when I went in for my appointment with a different doctor. I was a little less scared of it even though it was a complete surprise. So now I go in today to get a MRI on my spine and then pick up my brace. I'm really nervous but I know that it will be all ok. By the way, I am getting a Providence brace and I am 13.
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    Hi at the moment my curve is 20 and 16 im due to be checked!
    i am 14 years old. But have not been offered a brace yet.

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