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Thread: plastic brace hurts underarms

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    Thumbs down plastic brace hurts underarms

    just got it today.. any ideas how to pad the underarm section?

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    2 suggestions. One is, if you do not have the KnitRite or Boston brace t-shirts, try them, they have extra fabric that drapes between your underarm and the brace edge to cushion it. Two, the orthotist used a thin adhesive foam to pad the underarm on my daughter's hard brace. It also might just be too high. You should be able to go back to your orthotist for an adjustment, and at least they could pad it for you. They also may sell the t-shirts.

    Hope that helps.
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    Yes, just as said above, ask your brace-maker for some BraceMate undershirts. They have a special flap of fabric. I have six of them, and am hardly ever sore in the underarm, hehe.

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    Unhappy im the new girl

    hey yall its cheergrl and im 12 years old and have a 34 degree for my back and im getting a brace may6 and im really scared about my degree goin up any advice PLEASE

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    Smile Boston brace t-shirts

    Is your brace a boston brace? there is such a thing a boston brace shirts! Mine is! my underarms were hurting then I got a boston brace shirt. It's definitely better. but they are extremely exspensive. they are $20 a shirt. But they are worth it. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cieraLantonio View Post
    just got it today.. any ideas how to pad the underarm section?
    I have a Boston brace (my 2nd), and i haven't had pains in the underarm section. I have had it changed where it hurt, if it was possible without reducing the effect.
    I don't think it should hurt under your arm, so maybe you could talk to your brace maker about it?
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