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Thread: Confused about my brace and back at all

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    Question Confused about my brace and back at all

    Hi everyone

    I'm 14 years old and since I was about 9, I've known that I have scoliosis. My spine has 3 curves - the biggest one in the thorax section.

    The summer 2007 I found out that I had to get a Boston brace, but about half a year passed before I got the brace. I've worn it since january 2008 and it wasn't at all as horrible as i thought it would be - but recently I was checked again and it turned out that the degrees are getting worse even though I'm wearing my brace as much as i ought to. And besides that they hadn't measured it right, the first time I got my x-ray where I was wearing the brace.

    So now I'm just really confused and all kinds of thoughts are in my head! I'm thinking that it seems much more possible that I would need surgery later. And now the brace is just bothering me so much more, because I doubt the effect of it. And I know that it could have been worse if I hadn't got the brace, but it feels like kind of a waste to wear it if it's getting worse in spite of the brace.

    This isn't just to get advice - also to find out if there's someone here with the same thoughts? And if there's anybody who wants to chat, it would be great! - not that my friends and family won't listen, but it's allways different when it's someone who has scoliosis, too
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    14-year-old girl from Denmark
    Scoliosis with 3 curves (have known since i was about 9)
    Have worn a Boston brace since 2008

    "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game"
    - a great quote to show that we can't let our backs and braces hold us from doing what we want! :'D

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