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    Spinecor Brace for Adults

    As suggested by Concerned Dad, I am opening a new thread on this topic, and will close the others.

    Individuals who are interested in this treatment may post their own experience, or the results of others, from published studies in peer-reviewed journals. Posts that don't fall within this guideline will be removed.

    This is from the Spinecor inventor's FAQ...

    Can an adult be fitted with SpineCor?

    A US study is now evaluating the use of SpineCor ttreatment for adult patients. The treatment objectives for adults are quite different to children but the same principles of postural re-education through dynamic exercise and neuromuscular feed back still apply. Treatment objectives for adults are postural improvement and pain reduction. Whilst postural improvements may lead to very small Cobb angle reductions, true correction of scoliotic curves in adults is not possible and should never be the treatment objective. Early results with adults are very positive, with both postural improvements and pain reduction in all patients to date.

    Can the brace be used on an adult to reduce back pain?

    Theoretically pain reduction in adults is possible, early treatment results do seem to support the hypothesis.

    Has any thought been given to eventually having an ''adult'' brace?

    Yes, for the moment the size range of the paediatric brace has been expanded for adult use. In the near future a specific adult SpineCor postural rehabilitation brace (P.R.B.) will be launched.

    And, from Joe O'Brien's post in the "Setting the Record Straight" thread:

    8. The SpineCor brace was designed and developed for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. The indications and contra-indications are clearly defined on the SpineCorporation website, and the FAQ’s contain very straightforward answers to many of the questions about the brace including pricing, vestibular testing, chiropractic treatment, and use by adults.

    9. The use of this brace for adults is experimental at this stage, until such time as appropriate studies are published to evidence the benefits and harms. But that is no reason to be upset about studying the use of this brace for that purpose. And it is certainly no justification for anyone to prevent, or gang up on, someone who is part of the study to share their experience with the community. If we adopted that same attitude towards surgery we would be still be having patients spend a year in bed in plaster body casts.
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    I for one would like to hear more from Mamamax. I found her highly entertaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHRIS WBS View Post
    I for one would like to hear more from Mamamax. I found her highly entertaining.
    Thank you dear Chris

    And thank you dear friends ...

    Time today spent posting in the Spinecor Success thread .. the muse wishes to share this night, in this thread - a joy-filled simple little poem (inspired to share as a result of my personal Spinecor treatment/experience) by an anonymous author - for all.

    If only i could catch a rainbow
    I would do it just for you
    And share with you its beauty
    On the days you're feeling blue

    If only i could build a mountain
    You could call your own
    A place to find serenity
    A place to be at home

    If only i could take your troubles
    I would toss them in the sea
    But all these things, I'm finding
    Are impossible for me

    I cannot build a mountain
    Or catch a rainbow fair
    But let me be what I know best
    Friend .. who is always there
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    Thanks Linda
    Sure cant take you with me to the doctor? Maybe a quick link in my Kindle? Kidding. Anyway thanks exactly what I was wondering. Ill talk to back doctor on moday when he works on my facets.

    !!Oh, so this kinda cool. I got perscribed a TeNS unit.. (Its as small as the cell phones and beepers) Yea, I went hiking last month! very cool. Course we had to stop frequently for rests, but the view was georgous. And Mr. T , in my opinion, is the coolest little device ever

    Anyway, thanks for giving a straight answer. Sure do appreciate you taking care of things so well.

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    Spinecor patient personal experience

    Setting the Record Straight
    Thank you Joe

    Individuals who are interested in this treatment may post their own experience, or the results of others, from published studies in peer-reviewed journals. Posts that don't fall within this guideline will be removed. [Post #1 This Thread]
    Thank you Linda

    Working Web Link For Manufacturer
    (link in Post #1 is not functioning)
    Select language by clicking country flag
    Current FAQs found under Patient Information Tab
    Web page updates are slow

    Amazing Brace - Week Two*
    59 year old Patient Female
    Research Study Participant


    Taking stock of my Spinecor treatment so far (day 14), some thoughts that first come to mind, are the comments from others. Upon first seeing me in brace, my sister - with big blue eyes amazed .. said: "you look so relaxed, your neck was always so tense - like you were struggling to maintain your posture" (sisters notice these things). I too noticed right away an immediate release of neck tension in brace and the change in physical apearance as a result. Co-workers tell me i stand straighter, some have noticed i'm a little taller (that's a whole strange thing, bouncing all over the place like Alice in Wonderland as far as height, daily). Interesting, the things others notice, confirming my own observations. One woman at work has said the treatment is changing my attitude. Well, i suppose if one experiences less pain than normal - one may certainly seem happier.

    Truth is - it's not so much how we look in life as it is how we feel. In-brace, i feel ... relieved. Wearing schedule today, is up to 7 1/2 hours. I must take it off at work - which i don't like to do, because my body reverts to its old ways (but it does take a few minutes longer each day for it to do so, i observe). I look forward to when i will be able to wear it all day - for it makes the day much better.

    This brace is designed to retrain atrophied muscles that cannot hold the spine erect - so there is no need to worry about muscle atrophy as with other braces i've heard about. I believe it's true (as my provider tells me and manufacturer web site supports), as i can feel it in-brace .. and have witnessed progressive strengthening out of brace albeit quite slow at this stage and certainly not long lasting (baby steps). I'm free to exercise if i want to - outside of some right lateral breathing exercises (designed to increase chest expansion on the locked up left rib side .. that is working too) - but i don't, though i probably should. Later, when i'm wearing full time.

    Surgery not being an option for me - i continue to be pleased with this choice. I wish it had been available for me as an adolescent - and marvel at the stories in the adolescent forum. Reducing pain meds - not needing them as much. Filled with gratitude that cannot be denied. On a humorous note - know all this makes it seem like i drank the mind altering Kool-aid .. but, really, week two, in final analysis - it is what it is

    Disclaimer: This is only one Adult Spinecor experience - not all experiences are the same among patients, many however .. report similar experience.

    *Title: As a published author, and editor, I have a propensity of titling even my personal written sharings. This title is borrowed from a friend in pen whose son as a young adult completed Spinecor treatment. His mother a Canadian writer who has a published work under same title: Amazing Brace (title here used by me in admiration of her work both as concerned parent and professional reporter). (Published January 23, 2008 – Canada) and also posted on the brace manufacturer's web page under: News

    A shared story from NSF member and fellow Patient:

    Next Update: 4-9 weeks from now
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    Just some informational sharing - for those who are searching:

    About Spinecor
    Surgical doctors/inventors Rivard & Cioillard
    Dr. Joseph O'Brien/President & CEO National Scoliosis Foundation

    Dr. Charles H. Rivard MD
    Dr. Christine Cioillard MD
    Research Center, Sainte Justine Hospital
    Email addresses on Manufacturer's Website:

    PDF Research Paper authored by Inventors

    Manufacturer (Indications & Contra-Indications)
    See Patient Information Tab
    Maclean's (Amazing Brace) article appears
    on the Spinecor Manufacturer web site.
    Also in the news, an NBC News Broadcast

    Spinecore patient/real people sharings - both young and old
    (sort by date added for most recent)

    My doc's headquarters - lots of good info
    (has treated 1,000+ adult patients)
    Practice certified by Manufacturer
    SOSORT Founding Members
    Information on Adult Bracing:

    Note: Updating this page periodically as factual information is gathered
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