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Thread: Tinnitus or TMJ after surgery?

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    Question Tinnitus or TMJ after surgery?

    Has anyone had tinnitus or TMJ after surgery? I'm at eleven months post surgery, back to work, but now have constant ringing in my ears and jaw pain, possibly TMJ. Naproxen and a night bite has managed the pain but ringing is ALWAYS THERE. It started a couple months ago. Jaw xrays, dentist, hearing test turned up no cause. Wondering if the realigned spine might be contributing, if others have had similar post surgery problems.
    Mild scoliosis diagnosed at 12, wore brace for a year then ignored till after menopause when it started to progress. Lost 5 inches in height. Pre-surgery double curve measured @60/80 degrees. Surgery May 14 & 15, 2008 in Philly, Rothman Inst; Instrumentation & spine fused T1 to L4 with screws into hips. Wore brace for 3 months. Good recovery; totally off pain meds after one year. Now 3 inches taller with no hump, but I lean to side in thoracic & wear 3/4 in. lift on right shoe. No regrets!

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    I had tinnitus way before my scoliosis surgery. It came from a very loud noise I was subject to. Some medications- like aspirin- can cause tinnitus-check with your pharmacist.
    I had an episode of TMJ after a root canal.
    Original scoliosis surgery 1956 T-4 to L-2 ~100 degree thoracic (triple)curves at age 14. NO hardware-lost correction.
    Anterior/posterior revision T-4 to Sacrum in 2002, age 60, by Dr. Boachie-Adjei @Hospital for Special Surgery, NY = 50% correction

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