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Thread: new plastic brace hurts

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    Thumbs down new plastic brace hurts

    it goes to high under my arms. any ideas how to relieve the pain. i got an apt in 9 days to shave it down. but until then i donot know what to do. i just got it 1 hr ago. i hate it already...

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    I understand what ya feel. I wore a body brace for 18 months. At first it will hurt. My orthodist put a pad under my arms to help. It still hurt and would cut my circulation off... lol It will get better, I promise! For now...maybe try a bandaid if it is a little area. If it is a bigger area maybe a soft towel? I know they are tight and don't allow much room. My tummy would pop out the front if I ate to much! lol So, they put in a belly pad to help to keep that from happening! lol It helps you loose weight wether you need to or not! lol Anyway...hope this helps and that you get some relief soon!!! Will be thinking of you! Any other questions or concerns you can PM me.
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    maybe you can put those craft foam sheets kinda cover up the edge with it so it's not as sharp until you get it shaved down
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