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Actually, H-Pylori is found in 98% of ulcers/cancerous ulcers/stomach cancers. I did a paper on it in graduate school(10 years ago) and found it is considered a Class 1 carcinogen per the WHO. There is also another cancer, a form of lymphoma caused by H-Pylori which, in early stages, can be cured by antibiotics.

I got interested in it after my father died of stomach cancer(1991); he had a long history of ulcer disease. I also was infected by H-pylori and it was eradicated. This bacterium lives in the acid stomach environment.
There are other ulcers caused by steroids, NSAIDS, aspirin but these do not usually lead to stomach cancer but cause severe, sometimes fatal bleeding.

The current state of the art(gastroenterology) is to treat H-Pylori. Doing so eliminates and heals the ulcers caused by this hardy bacterium. Healing has been documented by follow up gastroscopy.

When H-pylori gastritis is treated with appropriate antibiotics it does not progress to ulcers.
This is extremely interesting!

I didn't know H. Pylori was that prevalent.

Interestingly, ulcers are quite common in horses, especially performance horses and they are apparently known NOT to be associated with a bacterium as far as I know.