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Thread: Spinal Fusion Statistics

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    An answer I'd like to hear ... plus the 2 questions I asked a *ways* back.

    Ruth, you need to realize people who don't agree with you aren't "attacking" you. You throw something disingenuous like that paper in the mix, and people will respond ...

    Incorrect information will be disputed.
    Fusion is NOT the end of the world.
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    The OP asked for surgery statistics.

    Ruth gave her a reference with surgery statistics.

    It turns out to be a debate article. Pro and Con.

    Under the heading "Surgery for AIS is safe and efficient" it looks like there are the statistics and references (to recent articles in reputable journals) that the OP was looking for.

    Are you saying the Pro surgery info in the paper is false, biased or misleading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by concerned dad View Post
    Are you saying the Pro surgery info in the paper is false, biased or misleading?
    No I think there are at least some legitimate surgeons who will debate the woo-woo crowd.

    But it's debatable whether the woo-woo crowd should be given a stage or be legitimized by there being an impression of a debate afoot. For the same reason, Gould didn't, and Dawkins won't, debate young earth creationists AFAIK.
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