Just wanted to introduce myself.

I was diagnosed with Kyphosis back when I was about 16 in high school. I wore a back brace for about a year and a half, but I don't think it really did anything. In fact I hated wearing it, and it was extremely painful to wear.

Well fast forward about 8 years, and I'm starting to have some back pain. Recently, I've been waking up, 4-5 times at night with my back killing me and it's causing me to barely get any sleep and it's affecting my performance at work. Sometimes I can barely keep myself awake during the day.

I've had the same bed since back in high school and have never had any issues until the past couple months.

I'm going to my primary doctor tomorrow to see who he recomends, and I've also already made an appointment to go see Dr. Rohmiller of the Cincy Spine Institute on monday. I prefer to get multiple opinions.


This looks to be a great site full of good information. I'm mainly going to be researching what options I have, even though I've NEVER had good luck with any conservative methods. I'll also be trying to research on what insurance will cover, if anything at all.