I have never seen this topic addressed here so am wondering how common it is.
Patrick just had his "2 year" post op visit (officially he's not 2 years until mid May). I have noticed that his ribhump seems to be looking big. But if you see him almost everyday it's not like you suddenly see a change. Well the doctor pointed out that he has now a significant ribhump. I asked if that means his spine is crankshafting and he said yes it is a form of crankshafting where I am guessing the stresses of his adolescent growth is causing his chest to distort. He said his fusion is strong and his spine has not changed so it is stable and not crankshafting but the ribs/ribcage are. I am kind of stunned by this and can't wrap my thoughts around what is happening inside him. Couldn't really think of any other questions regarding this at the time.
I looked at photos of him I took before and just after surgery and I am stunned. His ribhump seems even bigger then before surgery. Patrick does not seem concerned about any of this and I am keeping it to myself.

Now in hind sight I am worrying, more because I believe Patrick has a lot of growing to do still. He has grown 1 1/2 inches over the last 2years. He is 17 years old. His brother (21) is 5-6 inches taller then him. So aside from some expected loss in height I fully think Patrick will grow at lest another few inches. His brother grew until almost 19 and Patrick has been slower then him in everything, beginning of puberty, adult teeth coming in etc.
I realize there is absolutely nothing I can do about this but I am still worried.
Have others experienced an increase in ribhump after surgery? I understand the princilpe of crankshafting but don't understand why the ribcage is still in motion when the spine is solidly stabilized.