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Thread: Schroth trained physical therapists in Seattle?

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    Schroth trained physical therapists in Seattle?

    Hello all. I am researching the Schroth method, and am liking what I've read so far. I'm not having much luck with google searching. Can anyone recommend a good Schroth trained physical therapist in the Puget Sound area (Seattle proper highly preferrred).

    Thanks so much,


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    I also did the same kind of search for this area, but didn't find anyone (yet). I've decided to try to work with my current PT to research it further and see if they can/will help me with it. To-date, I have had some help from traditional PT, but it's never specific to my issue and so I too am very interested in this method. I'm at the beginning of researching it. I will be seeing my PT on Monday to discuss it further. I am interested if you find anyone.


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    There are no Schroth-trained PTs in Seattle, which surprises me because this city seems so progressive in terms of alternative medicine. I have a daughter diagnosed with scoliosis in January and am looking into taking her to the Schroth Clinic in Germany. I have done many web searches and have contacted several Schroth PT's here in the U.S.. Scoliosis Rehab, Inc. in Steven's Point, Wisconsin, has received excellent reviews.

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    My son was diagnosed with asymmetry (9 degrees left lumbar) in Feb 2008 (age 14). I began reading up on scoliosis and he did PT for posture training for several weeks. In Dec 2008 his x-ray showed progression to 16 degrees (Risser sign 2-3). I came to the conclusion that I wanted him to try Schroth Therapy.

    We are taking him to a Schroth trained therapist for a 2 day session to get him started at the end of this week. We are also taking him to the Katherina Schroth Klinik in Germany in July for intensive inpatient therapy. We may see you there!

    Nothing is clear cut when it comes to this disease, so I guess we all find what we are comfortable with.


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