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Thread: what after hardware removal?

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    what after hardware removal?

    dear all,

    as you might remember I wrote about a friend of mine who had her first surgery back in Dec2008. Her wound also got a staph infection. when they opened her in Jan to clean her they removed the "artificial and natural bone". I believe they were there because of a bone graft or something like that.

    now she's worried because her artif. and ant. bones are removed. she wonders will she have to buy new bones and will she have to buy new rods if they remove these ones out of her because of a possible deeper infection.
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    29 y/o female
    diagnosed with scoliosis when 11
    thoracic curve about 45, lumbar about 33
    wore TSLO brace very short
    ignored the problem till Nov 2008
    no problems, no pain but started thinking about future because of my two sons (4.5 and 2.5 years)!
    I had new X-rays taken on 5 Jan
    Soon I'll now how many degrees there are in my curves...

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