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Thread: question about walking post surgery

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    question about walking post surgery

    i am 3 weeks post surgery and the only walking I do is inside my house. there are no sidewalks where I live so i am reluctant to go walking by myself and my husband gets home to late to walk with me and no one else will come out here to walk. so, should I be making myself get outside to walk or am i being paranoid.

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    First question is do you feel ready to get out there and walk? I can understand your apprehension about walking out by yourself. I am very lucky, my husband will be home with me and when he is not I will have family and friends with me. I for one wont be walking by myself until I am good and ready. I would be nervous of getting half way through the walk and then not being able to get back lol. Do you have it in your funds to purchase a treadmill and the room to put it? They have some great space saver models out there that would be good for just walking on and you can fold up when you are done. Not necessarily a pretty decoration to add to ones house unless you have the perfect spot, but you do what you have to do! Good luck and hang in there!

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    Hi Avis,

    I bought a used treadmill for $300 as I knew I didn't want to be walking on ice and snow after my surgery. I figured I could always sell it for $300 on Craig's list when I was done with it. We don't have very much space either, but it was worth it. I know the Doctor's really don't want you walking on treadmills in the beginning (I'm not quite sure why). Maybe they are afraid we will fall and the treadmill will just keep on moving. Mine has an emergency magnetic stop tether on it that you clip onto your clothing. The treadmill certainly solves the problem of whether you can make it back home or not.

    How are you feeling? Where is your pain level now? I hope all is well.

    Take care, Sally
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    Avis-- I think it's just great that you're thinking about walking outside! A little bit ago the thought would never have entered your mind... progress!!!

    At first I was afraid to walk by myself when no one was home, so I didn't. I just walked inside the house, from room to room. Later on my husband would be here and walked with me a time or two, then I progressed to walking when he was he was home but not walking with me-- he was at least within earshot if I had a problem... Later, when I was brave enough (ha!) to walk when he wasn't home, I would call my daughter (she lives two hours away, but would call my husband if needed) and let her know I was going walking for half an hour and then call her back when I finished. That relieved my mind enough. We live in the country and have a walking trail right here around 5 acres of land, so that worked for me. I was never too far from the house. Last winter (2008) I broke down and bought a treadmill. It is so easy for me to walk now and not worry about the weather (or the bugs!) The mosquitoes can practically fly away with you (or all your blood ) after a big rainfall in the summer...

    Remember, start off little when you do go walking, and build up. You might even walk one direction a little ways, then back, then another direction, so you're not ever too far from home. And let a neighbor (or someone else) know-- they might even offer to walk with you for awhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theizzard View Post
    i am 3 weeks post surgery and the only walking I do is inside my house. there are no sidewalks where I live so i am reluctant to go walking by myself and my husband gets home to late to walk with me and no one else will come out here to walk. so, should I be making myself get outside to walk or am i being paranoid.
    I understand your reluctance, but walking will really quicken your recovery. I wouldn't encourage you to walk if it was icy or slippery, but otherwise get out there and get better!


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    Is it a safe road to walk Avis? Is the traffic heavy? We dont' have sidewalks either, but we live in a half mile circle where there isn't much but local traffic. I think I started walking outside somewhere around 3 to 4 weeks. Just take it slowly at first and make sure you don't go too far.

    I was told not to use a treadmill until after my 6 week checkup.
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    Hi Avis- I can totallly relate to being afraid to go to far and not be able to get back. I live in the country on a paved road but no shoulders to speak of. And I really DID have a fear (or healthy respect) of going to far and struggling too much to get back. We have a fairly long driveway and even though it is gravel, I started by walking up and down it several times. Gave me quite a workout even though I felt a little silly. I belong to the Y but I am considering the treadmill idea. I have a Tony Little Gazelle that I love but my Dr. thinks it is too much twisting so I haven't used it yet. Anyone else have one of those and any ideas on that?
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    When I first started walking alone, I was using my cane, which made me feel much more secure. I also took my cell phone just in case ... and I never had to use it.

    I think it makes sense to walk with a buddy until you're pretty steady on your feet.
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