Connie im glad that they caught that problem! wishing you a speedy recovery.

well yall i went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago and the news was better than i expected. I went from a 75 degree curve to 25. I was so happy i too am enjoying the new figure. and shopping isn't depressing anymore. i have a rib hump too but its so much better its not that hard to forget about it. i think if i lost about 10 or 15 pounds i would see my curves even better but its hard to loose when you are at home munching all day

the insurance company called me trying to rush me back to work. I tried to explain to them that i have not had physical therapy yet. there like well you have been siting at a computer so you should be fine. I'm like yeah but the mintue i try to open a file cabinet i will be back out again! Let people recover in peace. i give my job a 115%. I can't even give them 50 at this point. its rediculous they should not call you until the doctor gives you clearance to return. I mean really what is the point?!