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    Red face What Should I Wear

    I'm getting a brace and I don't know what to wear. Any Advice?

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    Thumbs up What to wear...

    this depends on the type of brace you are getting

    if you are getting a boston brace (otherwise known as the low profile brace or underarm brace), I suggest something that isn't soft and that the brace won't tear through. anything would be fine (I know, I have one)

    if you are getting a milwaukee brace, I suggest a turtleneck to hide the metal ring around the neck

    if you are getting a charleston bending brace, that's a night time bracing system that you wouldn't really need to wear anything special (just your PJs)

    if you have any more questions, feel free to leave a message on my post


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    Thank you for the advice. And I have a boston brace!

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    For a boston brace, what I would wear is mostly shirts that are the "baby-doll style" because they seemed to flare out right where my brace started and since they aren't tight you can't see the places where the brace sticks out. I found that lower rise pants didn't work too well too because they would sneak there way under the brace witch was uncomfortable, so I wore pants with a higher rise too.

    Hope this helps!
    My name is Katie and I love to Dance especially Ballet. I am 14 years old and after 3 years of the Boston brace, I'm officially brace-free! Great holiday present if I do say so myself

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