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Thread: Scoliosis Doctors in Toronto, Canada

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    Scoliosis Doctors in Toronto, Canada


    Does any one know any Scoliosis Doctors in Toronto, Canada?

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    Are you looking for an adult doctor or adolescent? I have heard Dr. Lewis does both and I have heard good things about him. He works at Sick kids and I believe Western Hospital for adults. My son had Dr Zeller who is an excellent surgeon at Sick kids Hospital. There are a number of other scoliosis Doctors at Sick kids but we have not personally met them. You can find them on the hospitals website.
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    i know someone who is seeing dr. Alman at sick kids in Toronto and like him alot.

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    We have Dr. Zeller at Sick Kids and he is a great doctor! My daughters surgery is on May 16th.
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    Dr. Stephen Lewis
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    Docs in Toronto ON

    I have been to Dr Lewis x2. He is very pleasant and is well qualified, having added to the study of adult scoliosis with a fellowship in St Louis with Lenke et al.
    Maybe there are others in Montreal and Vancouver
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