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Thread: pain on my spine

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    pain on my spine

    I'm not quite sure how to explain this really. I have recently been diagnosed with scoliosis, well a year ago. Back then I didn't think I had it. Just back pain. Over the past year, my spine has gotten worse, now you can see it quite easily aswell as the toled pelvis and shoulders, and the pain has gotten much worse to the point where it's affecting my life. Even walking the dog or cleaning my house is hard. I'm still working but with difficulty. My boyfriend often puts deep heat ect on my back in an attempt to help. He was putting it on and touched the point in my spine which part of the curve, in between two vertebrae, it really hurt! It made me feel sick, it wasn't as if he had put any pressure on. Since then this pain has gotten worse but hasn't gone. I am seeing a specialist for the first time in two weeks, I just wondered if anyone else had any experience in this. I also wondered if this could be linked to the pains I get down the backs of my legs and arms. Or even if thats anything to do with the scoliosis. I really have no knowledge about whats going on. It's quite scary how much the pain has increased and what I can do reduced. As far I was aware it shouldn't get any worse.

    Any advice or information about anything would be great. I'm actually really worried about the future.


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    Just wanted to welcome you to the forum and we are glad you posted!

    Some of us have a little experience with scoliosis, but its hard to comment on your situation since we are not spine surgeons....

    Seeing a spine specialist is a good start. Remember that scoliosis takes a highly trained “scoliosis surgeon” and not just a regular orthopedic surgeon. Scoliosis surgeons have some of the highest medical training as far as doctors go, they are experts at spotting things others will miss.

    They will shoot some x-rays. It’s the only way to see what’s happening as far as shape is concerned.

    Be sure to let us know how your consult goes. Ask any questions you want here, no question’s are dumb.

    Try not to worry

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    Hi Jade,


    I agree with Ed in that there is very little any here can comment about until you see an orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine. That is where you need to try to get all your answers. If there is some loose end that you still had a question about, someone here might be able to help but again it is always best to ask the surgeon. Our surgeon would answer emails through his nurse also so you may not need to return for follow up questions.

    In re the pain that made you feel sick, I can relate that my herniated disc (in this case a sports injury) would sometimes hit such a high note that I thought I would throw up. Tell your surgeon about that pain and where it is for sure.

    Like Ed said, make sure you go to a specialist orthopedist surgeon so your radiographs are done correctly. If you go to a non-specialist they may not be taken correctly and you will need them repeated. Please avoid this.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you. :-) I am seeing a highly rated spinal surgeon. My gp is fantastic and wants to sort everything out. Been to see just about everyone n everyone. I should have gone to the drs about this pain I think its terrible when I cough ect and not good at work but with going to see the specialist in a week, and the faff to actually see a gp. There's no point. Thanks for the good luck :-) it's nice to read posts ect. I don't feel as lonely about it, as I don't know anyone with scoliosis and I have to travel 2 hours just to see a scoliosis specialist!


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