Hi All,

Merry Christmas!! I can't believe it's almost here. I started Physical Therapy this week, and I love this new place I'm going. THe place I went before sugery just didn't cut it. They really didn't know what to do with me after surgery. THe PT I had during the summer said she never had someone with such a long fusion. HUH! So I went elsewhere.

This new facility is fantastic. I'm working with the same therapist evrey time I go, with years of experience on long fusions. They have lots more equipment that the first place also, including a total gym which I have at home. I was actually on it doing leg work yesterday Boy oh boy is this therapist working me out in ways that I never knew I could! I'm feeling sore today, which I guess is normal. I guess it will take me a week or so to adjust, right? What is your experience?

I've cut myself down to the 2 long acting pain pills per because I really have no surgical pain any more. I'd like to get off these pills too but I'll do it slowly instead of just stopping. I do have problems with my left shoulder. Apparently, the muscles were used to being crunched up a certain way for so many years, and now they're stretched out and feeling sore. Doing shoulder rolls helps it feel better when I'm out and about. Also, laying down for a rest if I"m home makes it feel better too. My husband has to learn to gently massage that area like the therapist does. I think I'll take him some time so she can teach him.

Everyone have a good holiday, ok?