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Thread: January Fusion, Looking for Advice

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    January Fusion, Looking for Advice

    My daughter, Rachel, will have fusion in January. I am looking for any advice anyone has to offer.
    God has used scoliosis to strengthen and mold us. He's good all the time!On this forum these larger curves have not held forever in Spinecor,with an initial positive response followed by deterioration. With deterioration, change treatment.The first year she gained 4 or 5 inches and was stable at around 20/20 in brace, followed by rapid progression the next year.She is now 51/40 (Jan2008)out of brace (40/30 in Spinecor) and started at 38/27 out of brace(Jan2006.) Now in Cheneau.

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    Cheryl, I have no experience and therefore no advice, but just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of your family and your daughter and wanted to wish Rachel all the best. Good luck. Is the surgery in early Jan or later in the month?
    daughter, 12, diagnosed 8/07 with 19T/13L
    -Braced in spinecor 10/07 - 8/12 with excellent in brace correction and stable/slightly decreased out of brace curves.
    -Introduced Providence brace as adjunct at night in 11/2011 in anticipation of growth spurt. Curves still stable.
    -Currently in Boston Brace. Growth spurt is here and curves (and rotation) have increased to 23T/17L

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    I have no advice from a teenage perspective of the operation, only as an adult. All that I know is that it's supposed to be an easier recovery for a teenager than an adult. I am now at 2 months postop and feeling great, so I bet your daughter will be feeling better more quickly than I did.

    Good luck with her surgery.
    Debbe - 50 yrs old

    Milwalkee Brace 1976 - 79
    Told by Dr. my curve would never progress

    Surgery 10/15/08 in NYC by Dr. Michael Neuwirth
    Pre-Surgury Thorasic: 66 degrees
    Pre-Surgery Lumbar: 66 degrees

    Post-Surgery Thorasic: 34 degrees
    Post-Surgery Lumbar: 22 degrees

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    Hi Cheryl--

    My son Sidney (13) was fused 5 weeks ago. He is doing well. I have followed your posts since the fall of 07 when I joined the forum. I'm sorry surgery is necessary. I would be happy to answer any questions I can. If you can give me some specific ones, I'll do my best.

    Mary Ellen

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    My son was fused almost 1.5 years ago and he is doing really great, for the most part. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have because you'll get a lot of helpful answers. I will say that now is probably the hardest part for all of you and it won't get much easier, emotionally until the surgery is over. Then it is such a relief and so much better. Kids usually have an amazingly quick initial recovery but it can take a couple of years for a complete recovery. I'm sorry you're going through this but it's not as bad as it seems right now. Hang in there, it will all work out and your daughter will be fine.

    My son was bored and ready for school only a few weeks (4-5?) after his surgery. But I was glad it was the summer and he had to wait seven weeks. It will all work out and the school will work with you to enable your daughter to return to school safely as soon as she is ready.

    Mother of Alexander & Zachary:
    Alex is 16 years old and in the 11th grade. He has congenital scoliosis due to a hemivertebrae at T10. Wore a TLSO brace for 3 1/2 years. Pre-op curves were T45 & L65; curves post-op are approx. T31 & L34. Had a posterior spinal fusion from T8 to L3 on 7/12/07 at age 12. Doing great now in so many ways, but still working on improving posture.
    Zach is 13 years old and very energetic.

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    Well I will have to say the worst part of this whole thing is where you are at right now. My daughter had surgery on Nov 24 and we are so happy that it is done. I found the stress and worry pre surgery was horrific. The day of I was very calm and her hospital stay as exhausting and long as it seem at the time was really not half as bad as I thought it would be. I will also say that we have bonded in a huge way. Most 14 year old girls are pushing there parents away this has brought us so close I am treasuring every moment. As much as I wish she did not have to go through this good things have come from this. Take care of yourself and we will all be think of you and praying for you.
    Mom of 14 year old Danielle
    T45 degree curve Feb 2008
    T47 degree curve May 2008
    T50 degree curve Sept 2008
    Surgery Nov 24th 2008
    Ontario, Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherylplinder View Post
    My daughter, Rachel, will have fusion in January. I am looking for any advice anyone has to offer.
    My dd is facing a possible surgery this summer, but from what I've read on this forum, the part before surgery is the hardest.

    This group is great for advice and support so make a list of questions and ask away!


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    Thinking of Rachel


    I read on another thread that Rachael is having surgery tomorrow. Please keep us posted. She (and you) will be in my thoughts.

    Mary Ellen

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