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    Hi Smiley

    Hi Sharon, I've been thinking about you and Katelyn. I know your set up for Monday. I believe you are all done with your pre-op stuff, right? My Kaitlyn just had the pulmonary function test on Mon. Or should I say, tried to do the pulm. test. She had a hard time with it. But thats ok. She doesn't have any issues with her lungs. They gave her that device to take home to practice breathing into deeply.They said to practice doing that breathing and she will be able to come home sooner, so she's been going at it like a madwoman! Anything to get home sooner! Her surgical physical is Sat. at her gp. So hopefully we'll be done until her surgery on Wed. Hope you guys have a great and relaxing weekend! Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Thanks Tracy,

    I think it has just hit me yesterday and today that this is really happening. I want it to be behind us but I am also really anxious. I have a peace about everything being okay but its just that the time has come so fast and I hate the thought of her having to go through it. Katelyn was sent home with that breathing thing too. We talked to a girl here locally who did not breath in that when she was supposed to and it put her back in ICU for an extra 3 days. Make sure that she does that. It scared Katelyn enough just hearing that story that I don't think I will have a problem getting her to do it. I will keep you udated and you keep us updated also. I will have my laptop at the hospital so I will try to check and update some. I am thinking about and praying for ya'll too.

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