Hello to anyone reading this! My daughter went for her 5 yr physical exam and the Ped noticed her curve or bump when she bent over...sent her for an x-ray (although I've never seen one like this before...I got to stay in the room and it took only 3 seconds for the image to appear on the monitor...I immediately saw her curve). The Ped called two days later from her home...she is off from work untill tomorrow, but she left a message on my machine that Sara, my daughter, has a mild case of scoliosis and she doesn't think any more test are necessary right now and will call me Tuesday when she is back in the office to discuss this with me in detail.

There are no cases of scoli in my family and aside from my husband having a slight curve in his spine (nothing was ever done including tests) found at a dr visit around 12 yr there are no cases on his side either. My husband does occasionally complain of back pain but never thought a slight curve was a big deal. My sister-in-law, not blood related, was diagnosed as a teen and never pursued anything and seems fine today.

Now that Sara has been diagnosed, it seems that this is a "No Big Deal" thing and my husband, only relating to his experience thinks that the Ped will say lets wait and see and that's what we should do and I agreed before doing the research on this.

Sara had to have had this for a while to look the way it did on the screen which means she must have had Infantile Scoli...(i had switched Ped's this year b/c I thought my daughter would be more comfortable with a female dr and the other one was way too laid back on everything I brought up to him).

Everything I have found online is convincing me that when I have the indepth discussion with her Ped I need to advocate for more test (MRI, blood, genetic) and to see a specialist right away...or am I just overreacting? Not sure what to do and which questions to ask....right now I have two pages of questions I'd LIKE to ask. As of right now I have not one piece of information to give anyone. I will collect that info in my first discussion with her Ped tomorrow.

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.....Thank you for listening.

~~~> Natalie