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Thread: Brace is putting holes in clothing! Anyone else?

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    Brace is putting holes in clothing! Anyone else?

    My daughter (13) has been in her brace since September - she has the Boston brace and in the last several weeks. we have noticed she has holes in ALL of her shirts! She wears a cami OVER her brace and then another shirt or sweatshirt over that - it all is in the area where the straps/velcro is.

    Any suggestions??

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    When I was young 32 years ago, I wore a cotton t-shirt under the brace and a polyester t-shirt over the brace (the polyester is a sturdier fabric and wont get holes as quickly...therefor protecting your shirts) It was quite hot in the summer but did save my clothes.
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    Yes, I had this problem too. There were little metal pokey things (sorry, don't know how else to explain it) on my brace. I took it to the Doctor who made it, and he covered them up.

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