I was wandering if there was anyone here who has worn or is still wearing a Milwaukee brace? My wife has Kyphosis with a very mild scoliosis curve. Recently we have tried a few different braces to help with her back pain. The first brace was a TLSO brace which was poorly made and fitted and she would not wear it. Currently she is wearing a modified knight-taylor brace which is helping. Her doctor told her orthotist to make the brace to how much restriction she could tolerate. My thought on this is that he thinks a milwaukee brace would probably be more suitable for her but does not want to push her into it. I know she is afraid of the milwaukee brace but everything I have read points to this brace beeing the best type for higher curves like she has. I have tried to find one so that she could actually see one and pssibly get a feel for what they would be like but really have not had any luck. I would love to find someone that she can talk to and if possible see one up close or on someone.