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    Question Gastric Issues?

    Hi again everyone!

    I have one more question! Lol
    On and off for over 10 years I have had trouble swallowing food and/or liquid. This past February it FINALLy got diagnosed as a result of a small hiatal hernia with a little scarring from reflux.
    A bit of my rods showed in these images and I wondered if they could have any thing to do with the trouble too?

    For my case study I referenced alot of material and some did mention gastric problems that are related to scoliosis. The radiologist and doctors know my Hx, and so you'd think that if it did they'd have considered it as a factor?

    I am excited to learn, but leary of misleading or just outright wrong information.
    Has anyone had any gastric issues due to their scoliosis?

    ~**~ Congenital Scoliosis w associated radial clubhand/thumb aplasia ~**~
    *~2 Harrington rods + fusion in 1985 (age 10) by Dr.W Bobechko, Toronto~*
    23 yrs post op...have 3 kids, training to be MRT, next to nil pain!
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