Hi Concerned Dad, no I don't mind sharing. The 36 degrees was out of brace. She had been wearing the Providence for 5+ months I think. Her correction in the Providence was documented at 6 degrees, but then the orthotist adjusted it some more after the x-ray, and I would guess that he got it down to under 5 degrees (he was shooting for 0, but of course we didn't re-xray for that).

Yes, the 35 degrees was our worst scenario and completely unexpected by everyone, not so much the progression necessarily, but the magnitude of it. We switched to the Rigo-Cheneau because the night time bracing obviously was a bust. We are quite happy with the RC (comfort and results) but the truth is we didn't specifically seek it out--she needed a full-time brace and our local ortho just happens to be one of the few people who does it.