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Thread: Question about a fall, 8 months post op

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    Question about a fall, 8 months post op

    My 12 year old daughter Mandy's " friend" pulled chair out from under her yesterday and she landed hard on her rear . She had spinal fusion and rods Jan 14, 2010. She was not in any pain yesterday but tonight is sore and complaining of a headache. Should I be worried?? How long after surgery do I have to have this constant fear of her falling and hurting herself
    Thanks for any advice!
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    Sorry to hear that!

    As I understand our surgeon, the instrumentation is so good that it is very unlikely she disturbed her fusion. She might even be completely fused by now anyway.

    I hope she feels better.
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    I'm sure she's ok but just to be safe I'd take her to her MD and have her checked out.

    The thing we were warned most about for the year of recovery is to avoid any sharp jarring motions. I'm constantly in fear of someone ramming my daughter in the back now that she's back in school. Granted, she's only 6 weeks post op but I'll be concerned until the full year has passed.

    To make matters worse, she'll be able to get her learners driving permit before the year has expired.
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    My experience with falling.

    I fell down the stairs when my slippers-"slipped' about a year and half after an extensive revision. I was bruised but otherwise OK. A couple of months later had my usual check-up with Dr. Boachie and all was fine.

    I did call Lindy- his nurse though. She said if the pain was not excessive then everything should be OK. I still had the option of going to the ER but I do not trust just anyone to read my spinal X-rays.
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    Wow - I'm so sorry!! To answer the "How long after surgery do I have to have this constant fear of her falling and hurting herself" question - I don't think it will ever go away. Katie is just one month after Mandy and she constantly reminds me to stop worrying - and I try, I really do. Guess that part of being a Mom.

    Hope she is feeling better today.

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