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Thread: I am home.

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    Salina, Ks

    I am home.

    Hi All- we just pulled in a few minutes ago and I am going to go rest. Everything went perfect and I have astounded everyone, including myself, with my progress. Deb- do not be afraid. It is so much better "recovering" than getting ready. You will be fine. I will be in touch again in the next couple of days. Someone stole my cell phone there so it really blew communication links for me. I was honored to realize everyone was so worried about me. I am really sorry about that and luckily, it was very needless worry.

    Thanks- Nancy Joy
    Nancy Joy

    Surgery- Posterior- Oct. 8th, 2008
    Anterior- Nov. 10th, 2008
    Age 54
    T10 to Sacrum
    Curve 65 degrees
    Very straight now!!!

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    Congrats and welcome home!

    Nancy Joy congrats on a successful surgery! So glad to here that everything went great for you. Sorry to hear about your cell phone. Take care and hopefully see updates soon.

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    Nancy Joy,

    So glad to hear you're recovering smoothly - & home already! Still, don't push yourself too much just yet...take good, gentle care of yourself

    Thinking of you.

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    Nancy Joy

    So glad to hear you are doing well and are up and around! It still shocks me how far 25 years of medical advancement has gone since I had my surgery. Please keep us updated on your progress over the next few weeks.

    Don't forget to add in before and after pictures and xrays for Susie's scrapbook!
    Surgeries July 26th & August 3rd 1983 (12 years old)
    Still have 57 degree curve
    2 Harrington rods
    Luque method used
    Dr David Bradford
    Twin Cities Scoliosis Center
    Preop xray (with brace on)
    Postop xray

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    Hi Nancy Joy,
    I'm glad that your surgery went so well and that you are home already. God is good! Gentle hugs and here's hoping for a rapid and uneventful recovery.
    Diagnosed with severe lumbar scoliosis at age 65.
    Posterior Fusion L2-S1 on 12/4/2007. age 67
    Anterior Fusion L3-L4,L4-L5,L5-S1 on 12/19/2007
    Additional bone removed to decompress right side of L3-L4 & L4-L5 on 4/19/2010
    New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, MA
    Dr. Frank F.

    "In God We Trust" Happy moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God.

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    Hi Nancy-Joy
    just wanted to say welcome home and to say rest, rest, rest and don't feel bad about it.
    wishing you a smooth recovery
    all the best for the next few weeks
    Diagnosed aged 17 thoracic curve of 40°/48? given brace worn for short time but was then told that I had stopped growing and it wasn’t likely to get worse. Follow ups ‘got lost in the system’ and I chose to ignore until age approx 33, after two children. Now nearly 42yrs curve was progressing (last xrays 67 degrees) and increasing 'backache' so surgery (posterior T3 - L1) went ahead beginning of September 2008 in UK - thoracic curve now approx 20° and I look a lot straighter!

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    Congrats, Nancy Joy ... and I hope you set the standard for all the upcomings.

    May they breeze through as easily!

    Fusion is NOT the end of the world.
    AIDS Walk Houston 2008 5K @ 33 days post op!

    41, dx'd JIS & Boston braced @ 10
    Pre-op ±53°, Post-op < 20°
    Fused 2/5/08, T4-L1 ... Darrell S. Hanson, Houston


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    Nancy Joy,

    So Glad to hear that everything went well for you and that you are home so soon! Wow things have changed to much over the years. Can't believe it. Can't wait to hear more!

    Rest and take care.
    1991 T4 - T12 Fusion
    1993 Rod Removal
    1999 T4-L4 Fusion (7 rib thoracoplasty)
    2002 Rod Removal 58;49 degrees
    Denver, CO; Dr. John Odom
    Rocky Mtn. Spine Center

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    I am here, giving you a standing ovation, Nancy Joy!!!

    On day six, where you are right now, I was telling my kids about the monkeys and bears playing together outside the hospital window! (Morphine did some trippy things to me.)

    You have crossed this first bridge amazing well. Keep going, gal!
    Ginger Woolley

    Oct 2018, L3 - S1, Anterior & Posterior, Dr Sigurd Berven, UCSF, San Francisco
    May 2008, T4 - L3, Dr. Ohenaba Boachie, Hospital for Special Surgery, NYC
    Sept 1967, T4 - T 11, without instrumentation, Dr Thomas Brown, Stanford

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    Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
    Congratulations Nancy Joy! I'm thrilled to learn how well your surgery went. How amazing to be home in 6 days. Take it easy now, and don't overdo things. I'll be watching you and Debbei over the next few months with great interest! I'm so glad the surgery is over for you and you can get on with the business of recovery.
    Surgery March 3, 2009 at almost 58, now 63.
    Dr. Askin, Brisbane, Australia
    T4-Pelvis, Posterior only
    Osteotomies and Laminectomies
    Was 68 degrees, now 22 and pain free

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    Nancy Joy,

    Thank you so much for posting so soon. Reading your note right now made me feel so much better. Get some rest and we'll compare stories in a few weeks.
    Debbe - 50 yrs old

    Milwalkee Brace 1976 - 79
    Told by Dr. my curve would never progress

    Surgery 10/15/08 in NYC by Dr. Michael Neuwirth
    Pre-Surgury Thorasic: 66 degrees
    Pre-Surgery Lumbar: 66 degrees

    Post-Surgery Thorasic: 34 degrees
    Post-Surgery Lumbar: 22 degrees

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    Dear Nancy Joy-- Wow, I'm impressed! Not only were you home on day 6, you were able to type on the computer!!! It was wonderful to hear from you! Take care, rest up, listen to your body language-- it will speak to you and let you know when you're pushing too hard. Remember that walking is really good for you. And hearing from you is really good for us! Looking forward to more posts when you feel up to it! Gentle hugs, Susie
    67 and plugging along...
    2007 52° w/ severe lumbar stenosis & L2L3 lateral listhesis (side shift)
    5/4/07 posterior spinal fusion T2-L4 w/ laminectomies and osteotomies @L2L3, L3L4
    Dr. Kim Hammerberg, Rush Univ. Medical Center in Chicago

    Corrected to 15°
    CMT (type 2) DX in 2014, progressing
    NEW 10/2018 x-rays show spondylolisthesis at L4/L5 - Dr. DeWald is monitoring

    Click to view my pics: pics of scoli x-rays digital x-rays, and pics of me

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    congratulations and welcome home, Nancy. Sleep all you want to and don't feel guilty about it.... also... you don't even have to wear a bra if you don't want to!!!!

    Lol, Ginger.... I saw goats climbing the trees and eating the leaves in the landscape paintings in my hospital room..... Good old morphine!! lol. So Nancy... just go with the flow and don't be surprised by whatever you might see along the

    Thinking of you!! JoAnn

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