I had a lady call me this morning who is in Hull, UK.

She has an 8 year old daughter who has lumbar scoliosis, however, her GP will not refer her to a specialist as the GP does not agree that her daughter can be in pain, nor will she prescribe pain killers.

The woman who called me was clearly distraught and in her words said “I am ready to kill someone”.

Her daughter is having hydrotherapy but this is not working and renders the little girl in pain for the rest of the day – this is like a broken record for UK GPs, they don’t listen and think they know best – they are NOT always right and it disgusts me that a GP can let a child of that age suffer.

If there is a member here from up North, please get in touch if you can recommend a Scoliosis specialist in your area – the lady is prepared to travel so if she cannot go closer to home she will go down south and see someone there.

Thanks for any help you can give me