I thought I would make this its own thread rather than get off topic in Angela's before and after thred. In which she looks wonderful I have to say! Her docs did a great job!

my uncle philip thinks he has scoliosis.
he says that sometimes it feels better to hunch over than to stand straight up, and he has very little back pain sometimes.
he does alot of work around his house, like building things. it's really his hobby. i wonder if he really does have it or not. he says he might get it checked out soon.
Well he should get himself checked out definately.

the other day we were at his house and he punched me in the stomach and said he forgot i had a brace, and that he wishes he would have had one! i told him he could have mine if he wants it! lol.
LOL Yeah there are many times I would have given my brace away too!

i usually think in my mind that i would never say that, but i think that's because i actually have a brace now, and i wouldn't have to go all those years wondering when i'm an adult, because i actually experienced it.
did you ever feel that way when you were younger?
Well I'm not exactly getting what you are saying here. (sorry) I will try and answer something, and hope its what you want. lol

Well for me I wore my brace for about 11 years from the time I was 2 till 13. There were times when I absolutely hated the brace, and in fact one spring I took it off so much my doctor put me in a cast for 3 months during the summer to teach me a lesson! (yes, I learned my lesson )

Having grown up with scoliosis as being 'normal' for me, I don't know exactly how to answer what I think you are trying to say in that would I have rather had it when I was younger or found out when I was older? For me scoliosis is part of who I am, and what shaped me, it gave me strengths in areas that might not have been developed had I been 'normal'.
I've always lived with restrictions in what I can do, so its not a big deal for me to deal with that, but for an adult who has lived for a long time with a normal back and no restrictions, I think it is hard to adjust to that. (My father just had his hip replaced and is faced with a lot of restrictions and changes now)

Y'know as odd as it sounds, if I had the choice to have a 'do-over' for my life, I would still keep my scoliosis. It really did shape who I am and I'm happy with that. I may not like everything about my life, but who I am as a person, is fine by me. And from what I have seen on these boards is that everybody is extremely nice, supportive, outgoing, and has a great sense of humour. I donno, maybe the scoliosis 'gene' carries that for all of us.

I don't know if that answered anything for you, if not let me know.