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Thread: From Lacey's mom

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    From Lacey's mom

    Lacey asked me to post for her.

    Her surgery has been cancelled four times now due to high white blood cell counts, possible but unconfirmed UTI's and now this last time they detected crystals in her urine

    last Thursday she had an ultra sound which showed undefined abraisions in her right kidney and a cyst on her right ovary. Today she had a CT scan of the kidneys and tomorrow another UA and bloodwork are on order. If she is cleared, her doc wants to do the surgery on Wednesday.

    Her husband works for a local hospital as a radiographer and has taken all of his earned time off for the past four (cancelled) surgeries. Now, he cannot get the time off for Wednesdays proposed surgery, so after much emotion, he and Lacey have decided to ask the doc to hold off til Friday or Monday of next week.

    Since she last posted, she has been put on Zoloft and Adavan for depression and anxiety.

    It's been over a year now that she's been told that surgery was a must, that the insurance company has been denying tests until after physical therapy, etc...just one set back after another. All this time the pain has increased and she then developed foot drop a few months ago. I have seen my daughter go from a cain to a walker to a wheel chair in just one year.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm making a great big deal of this. I know that you all have suffered a great deal too. I guess I'm just weary of seeing this daughter of mine go through so much and much of it has been so unnecessary.

    After introducing herself to you here on this forum, her spirits rose a great deal. Just reading and confirming her fears and feelings meant so much. I actually saw a difference in her attitude after corresponding with you all.

    When an affliction like this introduces itself into ones life, that person feels so isolated and alone, and also so confused as to what to do.

    I want to thank you for your response to her. I know that you know what it means to a newbie (I belong to a clusterheadache forum so I know how she feels to have discovered people with the same affliction) to have found people with her feelings. The support is vital.

    I will keep you up to date until she is once again up to getting back on the computer. I don't want you to lose sight of her because she will be back...she has found something to hang on to know that her feelings are not unique and to have found the support so vital to her mental and physical health.

    Thank you all so much.
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    Please tell Lacey that I am thinking of her and hope she gets the go ahead for this week. Keep us informed on the Surgeons decision. Stay strong Lacey!
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    Donna-- I'm so glad you wrote and explained what is happening. Please tell Lacey she's in my thoughts and prayers... hopefully she'll get the "all clear" for surgery on Friday or Monday-- and will finally get this part over with!

    This sure has been a rough time for all of you. She's had way more challenges to deal with than some of us, so please don't feel like you were unloading without cause. Besides, this forum is for you as well-- to voice your worries and struggles too. It's a place for support for the families as well as the people with scoliosis. It was so good that you found this site and led her to it to begin with. You sound like a wonderful, loving mother. That's such an important "plus" for Lacey and all that she's going through.

    Please keep us posted with the results from these medical tests-- and the status of the surgery, as you get them. Hang in there-- and give Lacey a ((hug)) for me! Susie
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    Please don't apologize, what's happened/happening to Lacey IS a big deal. I hope all the tests work out fine and she gets the surgery next week. What a shame about her husband not being able to get a few more days off. This is such a stressful time for all of you.

    Please let Lacey know that she is in our thoughts and prayers. I am looking forward to hearing the good news that surgery went well and she's doing great.

    Thanks for the update,
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    Donna and Lacey, you have both been through so much, please know we are all pulling for you, and some of us praying for you. I can't imagine how hard it's been to have had the surgery postponed so many times, all the while watching symptoms get worse. You are on a difficult journey, but I'm confident you will find the strength to endure and prevail. Know that your state of mind will completely change after surgery because what you will be dealing with then will get better day by day vs. the place you are in now. Be strong, take one day at a time, and take deep breaths. This too shall pass...


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