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Thread: 6 week check up date recieved

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    6 week check up date recieved

    Well i have got the date for my first check up since the op which is 3rd July the week before im due to go on holiday, and i am only nearly four weeks post op and i have mangered to get in the bath of course i dont have much water i aint allowed to get scar to wet.
    But i am pleased with how much prgress i have made in four weeks, i am off the pain meds nearly i only take them at night helps me sleep better, i can have baths now, and walking up and down stairs on my own.

    well i dont know if that is good progress or not and i hope everyone who have had there surgeries are doing well.
    And for the people who are coming up for the op good luck.

    Angela, 25 England.
    75 curve top of spine, and getting worse slowly.
    Surgery on 21st May 2008. T3-L4
    Op went well 20ish degree curve now.
    May need op in 18 months to remove rods due to pain, but might calm down when bone graft has healed, less pain now, just some shoulder blade pain, and a cold spot in middle right of back.

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    Talking Yay, Angela!

    It's wonderful to hear from you and know you are getting along just fine. It sounds like you are making good progress! Keep up the hard work-- and remember that walking is the best thing for healing at this point. That's super that you are almost through with pain meds!

    Keep us posted with how your appointment goes on the 3rd-- and have a great time on your holiday! Susie
    67 and plugging along...
    2007 52 w/ severe lumbar stenosis & L2L3 lateral listhesis (side shift)
    5/4/07 posterior spinal fusion T2-L4 w/ laminectomies and osteotomies @L2L3, L3L4
    Dr. Kim Hammerberg, Rush Univ. Medical Center in Chicago

    Corrected to 15
    CMT (type 2) DX in 2014, progressing
    NEW 10/2018 x-rays show spondylolisthesis at L4/L5 - Dr. DeWald is monitoring

    Click to view my pics: pics of scoli x-rays digital x-rays, and pics of me

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