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Thread: Anyone heard of this new type of ct

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    Anyone heard of this new type of ct

    I just got called from the surgeons office. There is this new machine out that is being used in surgery rooms. There is only one in Louisiana and it is at Tulane. It is called an O Arm. It is a type of CT machine that is used before they close up the patient to make sure taht everything is in place and where it is supposed to be. They want to use this machine for Skye when she has her surgery and do a story on us about it. She wanted to know if I was interested in meeting with the people at the Pre-op appointment. I told her sure why not. I will see what they have to say!

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    My daughter needs surgery. We have not decided on a surgeon at this time. We met with Dr. Bennett from Tulane and were informed about the o-arm. Who is the doctor that you will be using? My daughter has an s-curve and Dr. Bennett is proposing correcting the main curve only. I fear that my daughter will need a second surgery in the future. Have you heard of this approach before?


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    Hi KJUNGRL2,

    I know your post is a couple of months old now - I hope your daughter's surgery went well if she's had it already

    Within the next couple of months, I'm up for a 3rd fusion (actually, pulling out useless, unfused lumbar/pelvic rods, cutting out a wedge of bone, & putting in newly developed instrumentation). My surgeon wants to do this using the only O-Arm in Australia (worth about $1 million!!), which is luckily located near him. I was a little freaked out by his surgery description, but from what I understood, the O-Arm is mobile, so can be used in the OR, and provides real-time CT images displayed on a screen, to help guide the surgery in places he can't easily see. This will make it much, much easier for him to get good placement of my new rods, and hopefully reduce surgery time.

    I found a more detailed description in this non-subscription access article.

    Sorry I'm probably too late to help you, KJUNGRL2, but maybe it will interest somebody. If your daughter has already had the surgery, I'd really love to hear how the O-Arm worked out for her?

    Pennie, I hope your daughter's surgery has gone well, too, if she's had it

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