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Thread: Sciatica Help

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    Sciatica Help

    Over the last several months I have developed sciatica. At first I thought I was going nuts...why did my leg hurt when I hadn't done anything to it???

    Anyways, my doctor recommended PT and I did that without fail every week for 3 months with no improvement. He then tried the steroid injections and that didn't help, I feel even worse after that. The latest was something called radiofrequency neurotomy (sp?) where needles were injected by my lower back nerves and they are burned. It's been about 6 weeks since that procedure (which was horribly painful I would recommend getting knocked out if you do this) and I am still in pain. They only were able to do it on one side of my spine because I couldn't take the pain. So on that side I am kind of numb but at the same time feel a constant burning.

    Anyone have home remedies or anyone else have horrible sciatica after fusion? I just want to stop feeling so much pain. Please advise me what to do next. I'm so confused...

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    Since you've tried the standard non-surgical remedies, and you still have sciatica, I think it might be time to find a surgeon... one who treats a lot of patients with prior scoliosis fusions. I know it's a long way, but if you can get to Dr. Mike LaGrone in Amarillo, you'll be in great hands.


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    I think following Linda's advice would be a good option... In addition, I would also suggest trying the non-standard, non-surgical approach as well.

    Before the neurotomy, did they confirm that the problem was with the L4/L5 nerve roots? Are they sure it isn't a sciatic nerve impingement occurring in the posterior region of the pelvis? This is not uncommon, especially with spinal fusions as it creates quite a bit of strain and immobility in this area... ultimately leading to sciatic nerve irritation/impingement amongst the soft tissue.

    I've worked with folks who had both nerve ablation and surgery within the region of the nerve roots, and they continued to have the same problems because that was not the region of dysfunction.

    PT/strengthening is probably not going to help much, if at all... as you discovered. My suggestion... Maybe try to find someone who is trained in peripheral nerve manipulation... could be a PT, M.D., D.O., etc.

    Here is a link if you're interested in trying to find someone in your area.


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