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Thread: GYM workout for scoliosis people

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    GYM workout for scoliosis people

    Hi, I love working out in the gym and I understand that the best type of excercise in a gym is swimming. What else should we DO or NOT DO in a gym? Is running for 20 min on a threadmill good for my back? Or even do some cyclings?

    What are some great excercise besides swimming that can also help my scoliosis?

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    I'm no expert --!! but I have scoliosis (20' curves or so). I run religiously and have run 4 marathons. I do a lot of weight and resistence training to stablize the back- i started i high school when i found out i had scoliosis. (I'm 41ys old). i'd check with a good PT to get some safe training tips!!

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    any other recommendations?

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    Yoga, yoga, yoga! ;-)
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    My daughter loves the elliptical

    My daughter likes to run but it hurts her back and she just started going to the gym to use the elliptical - is that how you spell it? She says that she thinks it was sent down to her from heaven - she feels like it's just the right thing for her. I'm so happy for her!

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    I like to workout too, I have been doing core muscle targeting exercises, my physical therapy exercises and stretches, my favorite weight trainning machine the Back Extension, I also swim.
    Swimming and yoga and core targeting exercises are all fantastic for Scoli from what I have heard and experienced.
    Running is hard on your back and knees, plus I fine the treadmill boring. If you wanna run it's much more fun on an outdoor track or if you have a big yard in your yard. I love to bicycle too, it is hard on my back though and I end up in a lot of pain and discomfort. A recumbent bike is much easier on your back though. I have a moutain bicycle and I don't think being hunched over is the best for my back. A recumbent bicycle is probably better.
    You can find some books about yoga and exercises for Scoli at bookstores and online on
    Good Luck

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    I was told that jumping on a trampoline is the worst thing for your back, by a surgeon.

    Some yoga moves bother her back...and if they hurt we don't do them.
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