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Thread: I was wondering

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    I was wondering

    I read if a part of your spine is fused it can't curve anymore, but if a spine in fused and unrotated can it rotate again and cause a hip hump to come back?


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    Rotation changing??

    I wondered the same thing. I have a herrington rod and I am fused at T4 to L4. I know that the curve is still the same as it was in 1979 (when I got the rod). I still have a 82* and 35* curve. I recently saw Dr. Boachie and was already to have him remove the rod and get additional correction and fix the rib hump but I have a breathing problem. He told me that there is a 5% chance that I could end up on a respirator or need to have oxygen the rest of my life. Now I am not sure what to do. If the rotation is getting worst I think I should take the risk but if the rotation is not changing I am thinking I should do nothing. I know how I am but do not know what might happen in surgery.

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    Hi Sue...

    If the fusion is solid, the spine cannot curve or rotate within the fused area. It can curve or rotate above or below the fusion.


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