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Thread: Holes in clothes preventable?

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    Holes in clothes preventable?

    Does anyone know if the little holes the brace puts in clothes can be prevented? Please let me know if you have any solutions. Thanks!!!
    Jodi Lynn
    Milwaukee Brace from age 11-13
    Surgery June 30th (age 14)
    Now 16 and as happy as ever
    *Brace Yourself*

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    I would go and get some stuff called moleskin. It's like thick fabric that has adhesive on one side. Dr. Scholl's makes it and it comes in a package with a few small sheets. You just cut a piece that is the right size and then you can stick it over the places on the brace that are poking holes in your clothes.

    Hope this helps!!


    My name is Allie
    I'm in the ninth grade and I'm 14 years old
    Curves are 45 and 44
    I see Dr. Horton at the Emory Spine Clinic
    I tried 3 different Boston braces prior to the decision to have surgery
    Surgery is scheduled for December 27, 2007 at Egleston
    I'll be fused from T4 to L3

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    new jersey
    thanks youuu. (:
    i have scoliosis. third boston brace. (:

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    Good to know.

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