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Thread: Cost of Surgery? Please Help

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    Our costs are hard to make sense of because doctors/hospitals/etc routinely charge 3 times the amount that they actually get paid. So, an average billed cost for an uncomplicated scoliosis surgery is around $150,000. But, the actual amount of money paid is a third of that (or around $50,000). The rest of it is written off in discounts.

    That makes the real cost ($50,000) pretty close to the costs in Australia.

    However, if you don't have insurance, then you're billed for the full, undiscounted amount. That makes not having insurance a double-whammy - you get billed three times the amount of anyone else, and you have noone to help you pay it.

    But, I'll definitely keep flying to Australia in mind if we lose our insurance and my son ends up needing surgery.

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    Seems like such a common story that we Canadians have to WAIT! I do know the wait for surgery in adults is a lot less though than surgery for kids b/c we just don't have enough pediatric specialists to go around, especially out west here it seems. We have TWO pediatric orthopedic surgeons for the entire province of BC which has a population of about 5 million. That's friggin' insane and something has to change and soon.
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    I am only 2 weeks post-op so the bills are just starting tp comd in - I had a 14 level posterior only op and am guessing close to 100k.
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    My first surgery- May 2010 was $300,000 and I had to pay $300 .
    My July 2011 surgery cost was over one million dollars and I do not have to pay anything. The thing that was amazing to me is the fact that the hospital took less than $200,000 from BCBS and I do not have to pay anything

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