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Thread: Scoliosis Camp

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    Exclamation Scoliosis Camp

    I think that scoliosis camp would be a great opportunity for all of us who have to deal with scoliosis, especially bracing. I know that our friends don't understand what we're going through, because no one can, unless they have had to deal with it. I know that I, like many other girls wearing a brace, often worry about how people are going to think, say, or act when they realize that we have scoliosis and wear a brace. I really hope that we can have a camp, because it would be a place where we could be ourselves and not have to worry about hiding our brace under piles of clothing or worrying about what others will think. A place where we can come together as scoli patients.. anyone agree?

    Leave Any Thoughts Below... =]
    S...My name would be Lauren
    ..P...I was diagnosed with scoliosis in August of 2005
    ....I...Wore a Milwaukee brace from July of 2006 until April of 2007
    ..N...Now wearing a spinecor brace
    E...LOVE IT
    .C...T 42*
    ..O...I Love To Competitive Cheer!
    .R...I Try My Hardest To Live For Christ

    I believe that Scoliosis doesn't show how weak we are, but truly how strong we are

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    Summer Camp- Important!!

    Anyone Interested In This Summer Camp Program, Please Email Dr. Joe O'Brien. He Wants To Know How Much Interest There Is And By That He Will Know If He Should Open A Camp Or Not!! His Email Is:!
    My name is Rotem
    I am 13 and in 7th grade
    Started with 2 curves:
    34º Therotical
    50º Lumber
    I currently wear a Cheneau Brace
    Got my 1st on Nov. '06
    Got my 2nd on Nov. '07
    Just got my 3rd one today (May7 '08)
    and im still trying to get used to it
    Hoping I won't need surgery
    I live in South Florida
    3rd check on November 17,2007,
    Got an X-ray done Feb. 5th, with EXCELLENT news!
    30º Theoratical
    37º Lumber
    4th check on May 7, 2008

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