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Thread: Summer Camp please read everyone!!!!!!!!!!

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    Summer Camp please read everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone Listen Up!!!!!!! Anybody interested in a summer camp for braced kids or kids with scoliosis please contact the site president (Joe O'Brien) !!! He needs to see how much interest there is in it. Please!!!
    I am 14

    I love knitting, reading, dancing, singing, acting, etc.

    I have a boston brace

    My curves are 18 and about 9 in my brace

    Originally my curves were about 15 and 30

    I wear my brace 18-20 hours a day

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    I tried, but his mailbox is full.
    God has used scoliosis to strengthen and mold us. He's good all the time!On this forum these larger curves have not held forever in Spinecor,with an initial positive response followed by deterioration. With deterioration, change treatment.The first year she gained 4 or 5 inches and was stable at around 20/20 in brace, followed by rapid progression the next year.She is now 51/40 (Jan2008)out of brace (40/30 in Spinecor) and started at 38/27 out of brace(Jan2006.) Now in Cheneau.

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    yea.. thats what happened to me 2... i just sent him a direct email.. do that too.. i also think its a better idea to do that so he will get it as soon as he checks his email and not only when he goes online..
    My name is Rotem
    I am 13 and in 7th grade
    Started with 2 curves:
    34 Therotical
    50 Lumber
    I currently wear a Cheneau Brace
    Got my 1st on Nov. '06
    Got my 2nd on Nov. '07
    Just got my 3rd one today (May7 '08)
    and im still trying to get used to it
    Hoping I won't need surgery
    I live in South Florida
    3rd check on November 17,2007,
    Got an X-ray done Feb. 5th, with EXCELLENT news!
    30 Theoratical
    37 Lumber
    4th check on May 7, 2008

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