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Thread: Just had specialist appt-funniest thing happened!

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    Smile Just had specialist appt-funniest thing happened!

    Hi everyone. So I posted that I was seeing my gynocologist yesterday after noit having had my period since a month before my surgery(last May). All ready to go in and prepared myself for the worst. Went to the toilet just before my appointment and lo and behold there were my little friends I hadn't seen in so long. So the dr came out and said 'i guess you just saved yourself a lot of time and money'. How weird is that. This was the last thing I've waited for to feel really back to myself again. I never thought I'd be so happy to see them especially since we want to try for a baby in October. Perhaps its all phycological I don't know but I definately feel happy that I did something most people take for granted. Yae!

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    Just when you least expect it...... That's great!
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    I sometimes think our bodies now what's best for it!!!

    Congrats and good luck!!!


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