Dear everybody!

Im so glad, that i found this forum - not because your children has problems to, just because i know now, that im not allone with the problems of my son. The doctors in our contry - i dont think i can trust them, they realey dont know much about it, and as i read here, there are doctors who can help.

I was in 34 week of pregnancy and my gynekologist sad that maybe is a polyhidramium in the placenta of the fetus, i went to the universty hospital and they established coarctation of aorta and one kidney. Alex was born 4 weeks lather, the heart was ok, the kidney is working ok.

At age 4 mounth i noticted a bump on the back - i rusht to the pediatric and she sayd - dont worry, it will passt. Well i tried not to worry about one month, than we went to a frend, who is a doc - the x ray reveld scoliosis
(6 month 40 degree Thorax 11). And the internet helpt me to understand the correlation.
After that we had 2 chekups- 10 month 40 degree, and now 15 month 46 degree (the first time that he was standing by taking the x ray).

I asked the doc if the neck is ok - it seemt to me, that it is short - hemivertebra 3 and 4, but the axis is straight.
He prescribt a brace, for 5 month and than chekup, if wouldt it be worse than surgery. I dont..........

From the age 11 month i noticed that hes metopic sutur on the forehead is comming bigger. It s like he had a bump. The ortopedic said - nothing special.

I have enough of "dont worry..."

I realy need a doctor, like Camilla is repeating hole the time, who would look him completly, not just the spine...

Please help me, please answer to my request, is there any clinic in Europe- near Austria perhaps, if ther are not, im willing to take my boy to the USA.

Dear Camilla, the Shriner hospital - would they hospitalize a little boy from EU??

I couldnt find any correlation between the scoliosis and metopic suture on the net. Have anywhone a clue??????

Many thanks for your help in advance

Sorry for my english