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Thread: Dr. David Skaggs CHLos Angeles??

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    Dr. David Skaggs CHLos Angeles??

    Does anyone have any experience with this Dr? Since I started seeing him as a a 2nd opinion,, he seems to push the surgery option. Just wanted to see if anyone has any feedback for me.

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    I don't have personal experience with Dr. Skaggs as a patient of his, but I have met him twice. If you are uncomfortable in the least with his recommendations, get another opinion. You have to be 100% confident in the recommendations provided and the surgeon and the hospital staff who will be taking care of your child after the surgeon is finished with their job (surgery - it doesn't end there). Each patient is unique and requires unique treatment options. I wish you the best.
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    My son has gone to Dr Skaggs for 6 yrs now and before that to Dr Tolo at CHLA for a few years (Tolo is director in charge of ortho and Skaggs is Asst Director). I read your other post and will reply to it also. Dr Skaggs is an excellent Dr who knows alot of the new procedures and medical stuff and goes around the World giving lectures and helping with stuff he knows. But dont let his personality scare you (I have to admit it does scare me sometimes and I just have to know I am in charge of my childs wellbeing and have to be the advocate for what is best for him-I think now I am pretty good at handling the Dr but before had issues). He can be quite intimidating but he is also a wealth of knowleadge and his mind is always thinking of what is best for the kids that are his patients.

    Dont ever let him (or any other Dr for that matter) talk you into something that you just dont feel right about. Ask him as many questions as you can think of and do as much research on your own as you can to cover all bases. Also he can be sorta rushed thru appts but when it comes time to discuss surgery he will take as much time as you need. Cole will be having surgery this summer and at our last appt he took alot of time to answer all my questions and to show us xrays,etc..-he was very thorough and I left there feeling much better about our decision. Also, the nurses there in Ortho are excellent. Janet is his nurse and she as been so much help to us over the years and if I need to call she will help me as much as she can or get the info for me right away. Feel free to ask me anything else about the Hospital or Skaggs. I will go to your other post now and reply to that as I have more to say on the fusion surgery you discussed-that is actually the surgery Cole will have this summer (final fusion at 13 yrs old)
    HB, CA

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    Dr Skaggs- 2 opinion

    My 15yr. daughter "was" under the care of Dr. Skaggs in 2005 for aprox. 6 months. She had Xrays taken at the hospital, so that she could have a brace made. The x-rays were mismarked, and signed off by Dr. Skaggs & others at the hospital. Thus, the brace was made pushing the curve the wrong way on my daughters spine. Needless to say., we were not happy with the care we got. You make the Call. Good luck.

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