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Thread: dressing ur scoliosis

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    dressing ur scoliosis

    i have difficult moment in wearing cloths, i always worried about ppl could see my curve. i wear a bit bigger size to covered up my scoliosis. sometimes i choose materity ( pregnant dress).
    i wondering are u guys also concern about clothing ?
    what u wearing on ur wedding day ( wedding gown)?
    prom dress? etc...
    when my cousin gettting married, i have to wear " kebaya" (tradisional tight dress), i told to my mom, that i dont wanna go ( to that wedding) i'am so ashamed and i did cry all night. and then we put sponge in it.
    some of my friend told me " why ur walk is not straight?" ( they don't know i have scoliosis).
    i 'm so really not in my mood to explain to them about my condition. that's why i dont wanna they see my curve. too much questions, and they will talk about me behind me

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    hey there,
    Even though the "kebaya" dress is traditional, did you try asking your mom or cousin if you could wear a different dress that isn't as tight? Or maybe is there a different style of the kebaya dress that is less form fitting or is bigger?

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    I don't think my curves are that noticable (both 37 degrees) so I do not worry about hiding them. I wear what I feel comfortable and warm in (especially now it is winter).
    Adolescent Idiopathic Thoracic Lumbar Scoliosis

    Back Pain started in October 2001
    Diagnosed - June 2003

    Thoracic and Lumbar curves- 37 degrees
    Started Hospital examination - June 2003
    Discharged from hospital - November 2006

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    comfortable and self confidence

    thank you guys, anyways i dont know exactly my curve degress, last time i have check 9 years ago ( doctor said it is about 40 degress).

    i ussually wear a bit bigger dress, mosty people don't notice it ( sometimes they notice that) i choose simple one, comfortable, and a bit expensive a bit cover up ur scoliosis, but not too big/large. i was get panic and upset when i have to wear kebaya. that is the first time for me.
    last week i told to my new bf, that i have scoliosis. and he said he dont notice that. and he said i am beautiful and sexy mmmm when u feel comfortable and have self confidence about ur self and the dress u are wearing. u will look sexy. But if u have amazing body, don't have scoliosis, but u are not comfortable and confident about ur self then u will not look sexy . my bf told me to get more experience with comfortable fashion for me. he said i'am not my scoliosis ( thank u love )
    sorry my english
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    Hi Javagirl - I was looking at the different posts, and thought I'd read about dressing scoliosis. I had surgery for my scoliosis, but still have quite a prominent rib hump because of rotation, as well as crooked hips. Shopping for clothes is still not my favourite thing, but I've learned over the years what to look for. You mentioned wedding dresses - I hated looking for one, but found a style that is flattering - A line dresses - that go in at the hips then straight out. They had to do alterations, and in doing so, let out the fabric to make the zipper look straight from the back (although it definitely wouldn't be on anyone else!) My dress had a higher back, and I opted for a veil that went down my back as well. Now, I find that I stay away from clothing with darts, and extremely fitted outfits. Same with stripes. Just some ideas. (sorry I'm not a teen, but thought these ideas might be of some help!)
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    hello cena
    hei i'am not a teen also, i'am 26. i just realize that i'am in NSF Forum under 18. Thank you for ur ideas, those really help. i was thinking of A line dresses too, non fitted outfit, and shoulder off ( i like my shoulders)

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    Talking dressing your scoliosis

    I am not a teenager but have been dressing my scoliosis (49u/37l) for 40+yrs...esp. for business. Styles that work best: Empire waist cut, A-line cut, peasant tops, & poet blouses. They hide the waist & curve. Maternity clothes can be great if the right style is chosen. You want the fabrics to skim & flow over the body...not hug tightly for that will only highlight the scoliosis. Jeans w/ an empire waist top or peasant blouse is a good look. Don't get caught up in fashion magazines for that will only depress you. You'll have to "create" your own style for your body and follow that thru the years by changing fabrics/colors.

    Wearing big clothes did nothing for my self esteem...I didn't feel like an attractive girl with curves. It's best to get clothes made for it can actually be cheaper than buying a garment. A quality classic dress can be worn for years. Look in pattern books for styles that hide the curvature. Or have store bought garments altered to fit you. I got out my needle & thread to hem my pants/skirts so uneven hems would not be noticed. Realigned zippers and reworked the waistbands to elastic or variable widths to accom. the higher hip.

    If anyone asks you why you walk uneven, tell them you are "tilted"'s best to respond w/ a sense of humor to people uneducated in this disease. Please have faith & don't cry. You have friends in this Forum. I never had friends to talk these things over with until I found these forums. We scoliosis survivors are special people for we have courage, dignity & bravery to endure our disease. It's amazing now that I am older to find many of my peers suffering from adult scoliosis (from pregnancy, osteoporsis, yrs of bad posture, etc.) & I counsel them on how to deal with it. You too will find your way as a leader. God bless.

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    mine are very noticeable but my shoulders arent like all out of shape since mine are identical. =]
    but if people know, i dont think it matters, less to worry about. =]
    i have scoliosis. third boston brace. (:

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    Cool beautiful inside and out

    don't worrie about the way your body is I had scoliosis until I had surgery and then I did not but when I did I had trouble with my cloths too but I dicidid you got it flaunt it right well I wish you best of luck and look fab.

    your fashion friend,
    ~ Taylor ~

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    javagirl, you shouldnt not be ashamed of telling your friends about your condition. They might even have scoliosis themselves and they might have not told you because about 3 out of 10 girls have scoliosis.. but i didnt quite understand.. are you know wearing a brace?? If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.!! just know we are always here for you!
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    My name is Rotem
    I am 13 and in 7th grade
    Started with 2 curves:
    34º Therotical
    50º Lumber
    I currently wear a Cheneau Brace
    Got my 1st on Nov. '06
    Got my 2nd on Nov. '07
    Just got my 3rd one today (May7 '08)
    and im still trying to get used to it
    Hoping I won't need surgery
    I live in South Florida
    3rd check on November 17,2007,
    Got an X-ray done Feb. 5th, with EXCELLENT news!
    30º Theoratical
    37º Lumber
    4th check on May 7, 2008

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