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Thread: payment for 2nd (or 3rd) brace

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    payment for 2nd (or 3rd) brace

    My daughter has just received her 1st Boston brace...she is not quite 11 yrs old so will obviously need more than one brace over time. The orthotist alluded to the fact that insurance may not pay for more than one brace. Does anyone have experience with this? I just CANNOT believe that this could be the case but I want to start putting away a fund if I need to (this brace we have was over $2700)!!!I have an HMO policy.
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    With an HMO, usually you have a maximum you can spend EACH year; it falls under "medical durable equipment." So you probably have maxed it out for THIS year, but by the time you need another brace (if), it's a new year. Typically, that's how it works; check your policy.


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    My providence was around $1500
    and my two bostons were around $2000
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    Hi, my name is Stacy. Mother to a 13 yr old girl who just started wearing the Boston brace during the day. For the past 11 months she's been wearing the Providence. We have an HMO and were lucky that the insurance co. paid 100% for both. My daughter's curves are both at about 38 degrees. I pray these are the only ones she needs as I am a single parent. I'd say if you insurance company gives you a hard time fight for it. The way we look at the 2 braces...they fit differently and are worn for different times of the day. Thank god we got lucky. Keep the faith. If you ever want to chat my email address is

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