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Thread: Anyone have hand issues as well?

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    Anyone have hand issues as well?

    Emily not only has the spine issues, but her left hand/wrist aren't as strong and she tends to hold her thumb inside her hand a lot. Just wondered if anyone else's child had a similar problem. We have an OT/PT telling us that we should get a neoprene brace to help stretch and keep it in proper position. Any information would be extremely helpful.

    Erin - Mother to Emily who was born with:

    1) Pulumnary Artresia/Tetralogy of Fallot
    - 2 conduit replacement surgeries
    - 2 stents inserted in conduit

    2) Congenital Scoliosis (9 incomplete vertebrae - 2 hemi)

    3) Cystic Kidneys
    - Right one non-functioning
    - Left one growing and working well

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    Hi, Erin
    My son has the same issue with his hands he has high spasticity since an infant and he curls his thumb in his palm too. Still does even now. He had plastic hand splints when he was younger but he would always manage to wiggle his hand out of them so I gave up on them. After this didn't work we tried the neoprene type which in my opinion may be the best bet. They are soft and will keep the thumb out of the palm because you can adjust the velcro and this helps to pull it away. They fit similar to a glove. I'll admit when he had them I hardly ever used them though. I haven't used a hand splint on him in years now though he needs them. I'm just not certain how much he would really benefit from it. My feeling is once they are off he would be back to that old position.

    For it to make a difference you would have to follow what the OT recommends for length of time wearing them daily and you have to do it daily and keep up on it.
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