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Thread: 2 days!

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    2 days!

    Hi every one. Sorry I havnt been on for a while, its been really hectic. We have been at hospital for app. alot. I'm starting to get nervous, her surgery is in 2 days! This is what she has to say:

    ANNA: 'ello! I'm quite nervous but I know I will be fine. I got some new PJ's! THey are button down, blue with pink stars! I also got new shoes in the mail from my aunt in Connectcut. They are called crocs and they are purple! Hope you have a good week!
    Annie. (61* Before surgery 8* after, Surgery 1990)
    Mother of
    Anna, age 11, 54* curve (surgery on 9/2)
    Mack, age 7, 32* curve (TLSO Brace)
    Meghan, age 2 18* curve (Monitering)

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    Anna - good luck with your surgery. I'm sure you will do fine. Make sure mommy keeps in touch with us to let us know how great you are doing. Your PJ's sound cool! Good luck....LYNN
    1981 Surgery with Harrington Rod; fused from T2 to L3 - Dr.Keim (at 26 years old)
    2000 Partial Rod Removal
    2001 Right Scapular Resection
    12/07/2010 Surgical stabilization L3 through sacrum with revision harrington rod instrumentation, interbody fusion and pre-sacral fusion L5-S1 - Dr. Boachie (at 56 years old)
    06/11/14 - Posterior cervical fusion C3 - T3 (Mountaineer System) due to severely arthritic joints - Dr. Patrick O'Leary (at age 59)

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    Scoliosis Surgery

    Good luck with the surgery. I hope everything goes well.

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    Good luck sweetie You'll do great !!!

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